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    Can you give me some examples of what services a the notary public in your firm can provide for me?

    • We can verify your signature on a document, is normally necessary when documents need to be sent overseas.
    • We are sometimes able to certify documents. We can certify true copies of original documents produced to us.
    • We can vouch for the identity of clients and their witnesses who are personally present with their passports or national identity cards.
    • We are able to swear an affidavit or take an affirmation or declaration for other countries.
    • We can protest or note a Bill of Exchange.

    What will it cost me to instruct a notary public?

    • The minimum fee is NZ$90 plus Goods and Services Tax and the hourly charge rate is NZ$400 plus Goods and Services Tax. Disbursements (payments we make) are extra. In most cases, all pages of a document must be sealed, so the fee will reflect the complexity of the documents.
    • Our time and your cost can be saved if , before any consultation,you supply the originals or exact photocopies of:
      • * The documents to be notarised
      • * Correspondence or forms of instructions that relate to the service that is to be performed
      • * Identification evidence (see below)
    • Documents to be notarised should not be bound as they may have to be rebound with a covering Notarial Certificate or photocopied in our office.

    What proof do I need to bring of my identity?

    We prefer a current passport but can accept other photo evidence of identity e.g. a New Zealand or other photographic drivers licence or a National Identity card.

    Do I have to make an appointment?

    Yes. As the notaries may be in meetings or out of the office, our notary office works on an appointment basis only. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our notaries:

    Highbrook office

    Phone 09 969 0126

    Facsimile 09 309 1044


    Warkworth Office

    Phone 09 422 2190

    Facsimile 09 422 2182

    Can you arrange an apostille or authentication?

    Yes, for an additional fee we can arrange Apostilles or Authentication via Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington.